General FAQ

General questions on LensFactory and how it works.

We don't need your prescription because we can very accurately measure it off of your existing lenses, even if they are badly scratched. If you have a new prescription, include a copy when you ship your glasses in and we will have a licensed optician carefully interpret it.

All lenses are sold in pairs and the price you see is your total for both lenses. In most cases we can't offer single lens replacement due to the way the material and lens blanks are sold to us.

The lens Type needs to either match the lenses currently in the glasses you send in, or match the prescription you send us. The other options, Color and Coating, can be whatever you would like regardless of whether they match your current lenses.

In most cases, we send them back to you. That way, they can help address any issues that might come up down the road (rare as those may be).

We Can Also Group Questions

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