New Rally Lineup Cards Are A Hit

Get out on the court even faster with our new Rally Lineup Cards! This easy-to-use feature saves time by getting your friends and teams organized BEFORE you arrive. Rally Cards allow you to let your friends or teammates know who’s playing when and on what court. It’s great for competitive league matches and also for casual play at those busy locations where you have to get on and off the court in a hurry!

Using a Rally Card helps eliminate the chaos by directing everyone where they need to be before you hit the courts. Building and sending a Rally Card is simple to do. First, start a group and invite your friends. Second, build a Rally Card. Here you can adjust the names of the courts to “first court doubles” or “Court 4.” Then add people from your group to each court – as many courts as you need!

Next time you need to organize a large group – create a card and be ready to roll upon arrival.