Rally78 in Full Swing at the Racquet & Paddle Sports Conference in Orlando

The leaders from racquet sports all over the country were joined together this past week at the Racquet & Paddle Sports Conference in Orlando. The three day event focused on the growth of the racquet and paddle sports industry as a whole and ways in which facilities, businesses, and players alike could promote more play in these areas. Paddle, Padel, Pickleball, Badminton and Pop — oh and tennis too — were highlighted throughout the event. We most enjoyed learning about new technologies to help players up their game and watching some of the world’s best compete at Padel.

Whatever your game of choice, one thing was very clear. All racquet sports provide a great atmosphere for both casual and competitive players. The social aspect of our sport is undeniable, which made Rally78’s platform the perfect match no matter what racquet you grab. When you build a community of players that can meet, chat, and play more - everyone wins. And speaking of winning, congrats to Joey Puleri, Tennis Director of the JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton in Orlando for winning our bourbon drawing. Thanks to everyone at the R&PSC this year - we’ll be back!