Rally78 is a 100% Match With Tennis Mecca Atlanta

Rally78 has taken its talents to the greater Atlanta area. With the world’s largest confluence of tennis players, there’s no better city for tennis than Atlanta. From Rome to Macon and ITP to OTP, we met with dozens of public facilities excited to help promote our Find-A-Partner app to the tennis lovers in their neighborhood. With over 350,000 players and an estimated 1,200 courts in this region, there’s more tennis than one can imagine. As Druid Hills Tennis Director Sue Hutchinson Carson put it, “If you have a racquet in Atlanta, there’s no shortage of people or places to play.” Rally78 is the perfect tool to help keep new players involved and experienced players playing even more. With easy-to-use features like in-app messaging and groups, players can now keep all their tennis contacts in one location. After meetings with several club managers and pros, the R78 team has specs for its next feature, “Team Connect.” Forget the bulletin boards with handwritten notecards — we’re taking this messaging mobile to connect players and captains too. It’s time for tennis to step into the 21st century - and we’re here to help!