World Team Tennis and Rally78 Work Together To Connect More Players

World Team Tennis isn’t just for the pros; it’s for everyone! Started in 1974, with the help of tennis icons like Billie Jean King and Arthur Ashe, the WTT professional league began with 16 teams. And since 1985, the recreational programs that feature year-round leagues have provided playing opportunities and instructional clinics for more than 750,000 tennis players of all ages and abilities across the US. WTT leagues are played in parks, schools, clubs and tennis facilities in more than 1,000 locations.

This past weekend one of the seven National Qualifiers took place in Kansas City. There are over 90 league locations across the US, and all teams that win their local league can choose which of the seven National Qualifier locations they would like to play. The KC qualifier had teams from the Midwest states, as well as Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania. With over 50 teams and 400 players participating, only one from each division will advance to Nationals in Palm Desert this November. 

WTT and Rally78 are the perfect match to help connect more players across the country. Both are FREE and ACCESSIBLE to all players in all locations. We both believe a fun and social tennis experience will help grow the game. Shorter sets and playing lets, tapping out, and men and women competing together — it’s a great way to play the game! To learn more about WTT leagues and how to get involved visit:

New Rally Lineup Cards Are A Hit

Get out on the court even faster with our new Rally Lineup Cards! This easy-to-use feature saves time by getting your friends and teams organized BEFORE you arrive. Rally Cards allow you to let your friends or teammates know who’s playing when and on what court. It’s great for competitive league matches and also for casual play at those busy locations where you have to get on and off the court in a hurry!

Using a Rally Card helps eliminate the chaos by directing everyone where they need to be before you hit the courts. Building and sending a Rally Card is simple to do. First, start a group and invite your friends. Second, build a Rally Card. Here you can adjust the names of the courts to “first court doubles” or “Court 4.” Then add people from your group to each court – as many courts as you need!

Next time you need to organize a large group – create a card and be ready to roll upon arrival.  

All For One and One For All!

Rally78 is the simple-to-use app that connects anyone who loves tennis across the country. Build your tennis profile in less than 60-seconds and start meeting nearby players — even when you’re traveling! Doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or a top college player, there’s someone for everyone. Build a group and invite your friends, or meet up with someone new in your neighborhood. The more people you invite, the more fun it is! 

Expanding your tennis network is not only good for your game, it’s good for your life. Actually 9.8 years more of life to be exact, according to a recent Danish study. We’ve met thousands of tennis players across the country and it’s clear that our favorite sport is a great uniter, promoter and connector. The tennis network has given many people their best friends, significant others, job interviews, social events, travel adventures, and so much more. With one simple platform, we can work together to help build those connections for thousands more. 

Not in your city yet? Send us a note and join our Rally78 Ambassador community and we’ll happily send you some gear to get the word out! Our top five states for matches are Kentucky, Georgia, California, Florida and New York — but we’ll be everywhere soon. Help us spread the word. Join our community and start playing more tennis today! 

TopNotch Tennis and Rally78 Partner To Connect Players in Northern Virginia

Louisville, KY. Rally78, a Louisville-based sports industry firm recently announced a partnership with the top tennis programming company in Northern Virginia, TopNotch Tennis. Together, TopNotch and Rally78 will bring new technology to help increase the play opportunities for the thousands of tennis players in the McLean, Arlington, and Falls Church region.  

“We were excited to meet with the Rally78 team and kick off this initiative,” said Mani Barajas-Alexander, Founder and Director of TopNotch Tennis. “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to bring more people to our facilities so they fall in love with the game. We provide an on-court experience that is second to none, so we are always looking to add great off-court experiences for our players as well.”

TopNotch Tennis prides itself on building tennis players for life. A recent study from Denmark, The Copenhagen City Heart Study, followed over 8,500 adults for up to 25 years studying various leisure-time activities. When compared to other sports, tennis ranked #1 to increase your life expectancy by an impressive 9.7 years. 

According to the report, one reason tennis lands in the top spot is because it’s a social sport, requiring at least two people to play. This often builds relationships and gives players a sense of wellbeing. According to a 2018 Tennis Industry Association report, people say they don’t play more tennis because they don’t have someone to play with.

This was the impetus for developing Rally78, a mobile platform that helps both casual and avid players connect more easily. Inspired by easy-to-use apps like Tinder and GroupMe, Rally78 provides features like Find-A-Partner where players can build a profile and find other players in their area. Players can communicate via chat, or use the Groups feature for teams, lessons, clinics or any type of casual playing group.

“Mani and his team at TopNotch are fantastic, and they know what it takes to deliver great programming that’s both fun and competitive,” said Jan Barrett, VP of Club and Player Relations at Rally78. “We look forward to engaging with this avid group and expanding our community of tennis players in Virginia and nationwide.”

Jan and Mani both note that while they can’t clear off people’s schedules to learn the game, they can help connect more tennis players everywhere a lot easier through Rally78.

About TopNotch Tennis: TopNotch Tennis is one of the largest and most successful outdoor tennis programs in the McLean, Arlington, and Falls Church area.  TopNotch strives to create a fun, yet competitive tennis environment that is conducive to learning this great life-long sport! To learn more visit: