Cobb County Community Tennis Association and Rally78 Team Up to Grow the Game

Cobb County Community Tennis Association and Rally78 Team Up to Grow the Game

Louisville, KY. Rally78, a Louisville-based sports industry firm recently announced a partnership with one of the largest influences of tennis in the country, the Community Tennis Association (CTA) of Cobb County Georgia. Together, the partnership will bring new technology to the estimated 75,000 tennis players in the area in hopes of generating even more tennis play.

“The Community Tennis Association in Cobb County is very enthusiastic about this opportunity to grow the sport in our area,” said Amy Bonner, Recreation Program Coordinator and Facility Manager of Lost Mountain Tennis Center. “While we have a lot of players in the area, we know that companies like Rally78 make connecting players easier. And when more people connect, more people play.” 

Rally78 is a mobile platform that helps both casual and avid players connect more easily. Inspired by easy-to-use apps like Tinder and GroupMe, Rally78 provides features like Find-A-Partner where you can scroll through players in your area and start chats, as well as a Groups feature for teams, lessons, clinics or any type of casual play group.

 “Cobb County has fantastic tennis facilities and is in the heart of one of the largest tennis-loving cities in the world,” and said Ellen Stubbs, Founder and CEO of Rally78. “We are growing our tennis network city by city to help connect players across the country, and being here is really exciting.” 

Not all cities are like Atlanta however. The Tennis Industry Association’s 2018 State of the Industry report recently reported that since 2010, overall tennis participation has continued to decline. The top three reasons cited by players as to why they are playing less or not at all: 1) time 2) access to courts and 3) no one to play with.

“While we can’t solve finding the time, we can help solve making access to tennis players everywhere a lot easier with technology,” said Stubbs. “Cobb County has 19 amazing public facilities that provide a lot of opportunity to play tennis, and we provide a platform for people to connect their current tennis network and meet new players too.”

Cobb County Parks & Recreation has over 120 tennis courts at six facilities with programming and full-time staff, and an additional 13 satellite facilities with courts available to the public. 

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