we set out to build a simple, intuitive mobile solution for tennis players of all levels. tennis is a huge part of our lives and has helped us make connections for a lifetime. Our hope is that this Find-a-partner app and the R78 community will do the same for you.


We Love Tennis

Like, really love it. We've traveled the world with racquets in tow. Our belief at Rally78 is that tennis is a great uniter of people. It's where we've had some of our best experiences and made our best friends. With our find-a-partner platform, we believe we can make tennis easier and more accessible. Having a large tennis network at your fingertips creates more opportunity for everyone.


why we built this

We have both spent many years on the road traveling for work. And whether traveling for work or pleasure, we are both known to bring our sticks along. For years I'd find myself in amazing, warm, sunny locations thinking, "I wish I could find someone to hit with?!" So I'd go through the painstaking process of calling clubs, asking pros, seeing if my hotel knew where to go, etc. There was not -- and still is not -- a premier, trusted find-a-partner app that everyone can go to and know they'll get a game. With 15 years of working with the best technologists in the country, I thought, "we can do this!" And so we did!


For fun and For purpose.

Since our company's inception our dream has been to not only create a better way for tennis players to connect, but to also give back. Tennis is a great way to bring people together to support causes that are important to all of us. Our first sponsorship event was to support the Visually Impaired Preschool Services center in Louisville, KY. We're excited to launch new ways for our R78 community to give back too!

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What's up with
the name Rally78?

We get this question a lot! No, we weren't born in 1978, and no, we aren't big fans of disco. Do you know the length of the tennis court? You guessed it, 78 feet! We're a little concerned about calling it Rally23.77 in most other countries, but we'll worry about that when we have to. For now, grab some friends and worry about keeping that little yellow ball inside of 78 feet.